18 September, 2013

Ruby and Diamond (Poem)

Ruby and Diamond
Once upon a time
In olden city of prime
Two stone
Met alone
Red one Ruby
And a white diamond
Diamond saying
Oh! Dear Ruby
You are the sign of beauty
Red as blood, much pretty
I would like
To hit and strike
Your beauty
Oh! My sweetie
I would like to hold you
In my arms and told you
The love story
Ruby said sorry
Dear, diamond
Your brightness
Dazing me yes
Although, you are cute
But we can never duet
Because we are
Different, in nature
In behavior
Also in color
Red and white
When mix alright
It changes the shape
Shape and the shade
I never would like to lost
My red color so fast
Although you are sweet heart
But too apart
We can afford only
The friendship dearly
But love is not for us
We are for humans
Reserved by nature
Then Diamond, smile
And turned for a while
Apologizing the Ruby
I am sorry for snobby
I forgotten the humanity
I most important, it is realty
I am sorry, so sorry

Oh! My dear Ruby

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